About the Club

The club was established 28 years ago by Rocco Manzo and Larry Alexander at Jox.  For 24 years Kat Buckwell was President of the club.  The 2017-2018 season the club is now being run by a few members.   The club has had several locations over the past years (Jox, Six Pockets, Bogies, Garage Door) but we are proud to say as of  2013 we have been hangin at MicGinnys on the River on East River Road.  As you will see when you come, Sal (owner) has made a solid investment in the bar with 25+ televisions on 2 floors, full bar and upgrades continue.

“RocCity Steel Club” of Rochester, NY  is our club name.

If you ever want to reach us, you can do so by emailing us at roccitysteelers (AT) gmail (dot) com!  (Forgive the style of that, but to defeat spambots, it’s best to write the address out that way.  We’re sure you understand.)

Our goals as a club remains; watching your PITTSBURGH STEELERS with Steeler fans and family, and all while raising  money for Rochester’s  ocal charities.